Pakistan, Dubai
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Country: Pakistan

Place: Dubai

Phone: 42398572


Address.: Federal Capial &AJK, Pakistan

Industry:Real estate

Company: Islamabad Properties

Designation: Seo & Digital Marketing

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Career Headline: Seo & Digital Marketing at Islamabad Properties

About Me

Islamabad Properties is most efficient property portal that is available for the property dealing online. If you are looking for cheap houses in Islamabad, or a seller who is selling his house, then Islamabad Properties app is for you! Islamabad properties has the biggest database of properties that are available for sale, lease or rent. Does not matter what purpose you have, if it is regarding the property, use Islamabad Properties App and get it done!

My Expertise

Visa Card Expertise in Visa Card- Have more experience in visa card execution
Master Card Expertise in Card Industry- Have More experiece dealing with adding & dealing of cards.

My Job Profile

Title Start Date End Date Current
Sr. Developer Proxymedia Pvt. Ltd 2016 Current
Sr. Developer Peniel Technology 2014 2016
Developer Wydegroup 2013 2014
Developer Ortus Infosys 2012 2013
Developer Axtec Softwares 2011 2012

Education Profile

Institution Start Date End Date Degree
NIIT IT 2011 2013 MBA
IIT-Madras Computer Science 2007 2011 BTECH
+2 Science 2005 2007 Higher Secondary
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